Review: Activia Lemon Merengue yogurt

Activia Lemon Merengue yogurt is delicious enough to make you forget you're eating something sold as health food.

The key requirement of dessert is to be delicious, not healthy. Yet somehow, Activia’s Lemon Merengue yogurt manages to be both.

Yes, that’s “merengue,” like the dance, not “meringue,” like lemon meringue pie. Curious choice of name, but whatever.

The taste is wonderfully lemony, with actual chunks of lemon pulp and zest mixed into the yogurt, adding to both the flavour and the texture. It’s tart and tangy, with sweetness provided by actual sugar, not a long list of crazy sweeteners. It’s creamy, as it’s made with cream (third ingredient), and it tastes much more sinful than it actually is.

On the health-food front, it’s packed full of probiotic yogurty goodness. It’s got a nice dose of calcium and a good hit of protein, in addition to all that yummy stuff.

Either as a dessert or a snack, I’m sold.


Cost: $3.79 for a pack of four 110 ml tubs.

Value for cash money: Not bad. A cheap, relatively healthy dessert.

Availability: Widespread in Edmonton. Looks like it’s made in Quebec, so I’d guess Canada-wide availability, too.

Nutrition?: 120 calories per 110 ml tub. Each tub has 10 per cent of the daily calcium value, along with 5 grams of protein.

Vegetarian friendly?: Nope. There’s gelatin in there.

The verdict: A healthy dessert at the end of a meal. The portion size is just right.


  1. Hey Iain!

    This yogurt sounds similar to the Liberte Lemon yogurt, and it is to die for! It is not so waistline friendly though, so it is a rare treat for me! Plus, it is vegetarian friendly. I highly recommend it if you are a fan of lemon.


    • I think I may have tried one or two of those Liberte flavours. I remember the mango one being quite good. I’ll have to pick up a tub of the lemon when I next spot one in the wild. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  2. Creamy and tangy cool flavour. It fills a craving for lemon mousse with a healthier yogurt substitute. Recommended for a quick dessert fix!I will definitely buy it again.