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Review: Alo Exposed aloe drink

Alo Exposed aloe drink, with those crazy little floating pulp things in suspension.

Last I checked, aloe vera is used for a whole lot of other things, but I’ve never once thought of drinking it. I have absolutely no idea what aloe tastes like, so this is going to be a curious experience.

The Pitch: “You’ve probably used aloe vera to soothe sunburns and help heal cuts, but we’re exposing aloe vera for what it really is: a health powerhouse chock full of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. Alo Exposed, our original aloe drink, is made with real aloe vera extract that can provide the building blocks for a healthy lifestyle.”

The Look: Otherworldly. There are large chunks of translucent floating pulp in the juice, making it look like a partially frozen bottle of pop. Very strange.

The Taste: The aroma is sweet and grape-like. The taste is a nicely balanced combination of sweet and tart, with notes of honey and grape. The chunks of aloe pulp taste like … aloe? I don’t know, as I’ve never eaten aloe before. The texture is thick and strange, and I wouldn’t want to glug-glug-glug it down due to all the floating stuff. I feel like I need to chew it before swallowing. The overall character is almost floral with perfume.

Alo Exposed aloe drink


Cost: $2.69 for a 500 mL bottle at Planet Organic.

Value for cash money: Meh.

Availability: I found mine at Planet Organic, but I think I’ve seen it elsewhere.

Nutrition?: Per 240 mL (about half the bottle): 60 calories, 45 mg of sodium. Also, 30% daily value of Vitamin C.

The verdict: Very strange, but it tastes good. Not the kind of thing I’d buy regularly, but it has an interesting flavour. Once I started drinking the bottle, I couldn’t stop.

It's easier to see the pulp in front of a dark background. Strange, no?


  1. The Alo Exposed is a strangely delicious drink. The first time i tried it I thought..eeewwww but now I’m hooked. I drink a bottle a day. I find it more refreshing than water. I hate pulp in my orange juice, but for some strange reason the large pieces of pulp don’t bother me abit. I hope other people enjoy this drink as much as I do.

  2. This is a very refreshing drink. It has totally replaced sodas for me. I enjoy a bottle every day

  3. I don’t understand the label. Made in Taiwan but crafted in the SF Bay Area. Anyone? It is very refreshing nonetheless.