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Review: Whatchamacallit

Whatchamacallit: The name is probably the best part of this chocolate bar.

The Look: Basic crème coloured packaging with logo/name in a chocolate-coloured starburst. Modern yet dated. Feels solid in my hand. While compact, it looks substantial enough to fill me up as a snack.

The Pitch: “Made with chocolate, peanut flavoured crisps and caramel.” I like chocolate, caramel and peanuts, but rice crisps have always struck me as cheap filler. The oddball name is a key selling point.

The Taste: The peanut flavoured rice crisps give it a crunchy texture, while the top layer of caramel keeps each bite from wanting to leave the bar (it’s easier to eat if you flip the bar over). The chocolate is OK. The closest thing to a dominant taste is caramel-peanut, but it isn’t quite peanutty enough for me. Sweet without being very satisfying. Leaves flecks of rice crisps in your mouth. Meh.


Cost: $0.80 per 45-gram (1.6 oz.) bar at Walgreens.

Value for cash money: Good.

Availability: U.S.A.

Nutrition?: 230 calories per 45-gram bar. Each bar contains about 45 per cent of the daily value of saturated fat. (Not good) A bit of protein and a bit of calcium. (It’s a chocolate bar, eh?)

Canadian clone?: The Whatchamacallit entry on Wikipedia mentions a carbon-copy chocolate bar called Special Crisp marketed by Hershey in Canada. I can’t remember ever trying it, or even seeing it. Anyone spot any in the wild? (Leave a comment?)

The verdict: Not bad. But there are plenty of better chocolate bars out there.


  1. this is the best candy bar i have ever had and its by far my favorite

  2. Special Crisp was one of my favourite chocolate bars in the 80s in Canada. I just discovered watchamacallit is the same bar.